Cheesy, Garlicky Bread Rounds

  IMG_0365 copyA couple days ago, I posted the recipe for my all time favorite spaghetti sauce. In it, I suggested making it a meal by ladeling the sauce over a bed of pasta and adding a slice of Cheesy, Garlicky Bread rounds. The bread is such a great addition to any italian meal. I make this everytime we have spaghetti night.

The idea for my garlic bread came to me from our spaghetti nights at my mamaw’s house. Having a house full, spaghetti was a quick, easy, and an affordable meal that could be stretched between a lot of people (and when we were all there, that was A LOT). I remember her slathering on some garlic butter over slices of white bread, and sometimes even hamburger buns. After, she would toss them in the oven til they were nice and toasty and add a layer of shredded mozzarella. Back in the oven they would go until the cheese was melted and lightly browned. As simple as it was, it was one of my favorite things about those dinners. 

My garlic rounds are made very similar to hers, except I use french or italian loaves that I cut to my own thickness. I also use fresh garlic for an extra garlicky punch (warning to any vamps out there) where hers was made with garlic powder. This is not the traditional way to make garlic bread but this recipe is so easy and simple to prepare, it’s almost impossible to mess up. If you love super garlicky, garlic bread, this recipe is for you and there is absolutely no excuses for not being able to make it! 😉 

 Cheesy, Garlicky Bread Rounds


  • 1 Loaf of french or italian bread 
  • 2 cloves of garlic, finely minced
  • 1 stick of butter
  • 2 cups shredded mozzarella


  1. Preheat oven to 350º F.
  2. Slice bread to desired thickness. 
  3. Place on large cookie sheet. (Depending on how many slices you have, you may need 2 sheets).
  4. Cut butter in chunks and put into a small microwavable bowl along with the minced garlic. 
  5. Microwave 1-2 minutes (or until butter is completely melted and starting to bubble). 
  6. Using a pastry brush, evenly brush the garlic butter over the bread. 
  7. Place in oven for about 3-5 minutes. (The edges should start to turn a golden brown)
  8. Take out of oven and add a layer of cheese. 
  9. Place them back in the oven and allow the cheese to melt and start to brown.
  10. Make some spaghetti using my recipe, Sam’s Spaghetti Sauce, grab a slice of the garlic rounds, and dig in!

IMG_0356 copyNOTES:

  • When slicing bread, I typically slice mine to a 1 inch thickness and on the bias (angle).
  • When making the garlic butter, it’s always a good idea to put a napkin or paper towel over the bowl. Butter likes to pop and splatter, so I like to save myself the mess.
  • If you do not like to have garlic bits on your bread, you can always scoop the garlic out when ready to use the butter. I, however, love the extra punch so I leave them in. 
  • If you do not have a pastry brush on hand, a spoon works just as well. Just try to spread it evenly over the bread.

I hope you enjoy this recipe! Let me know in the comments how it turned out for you! Have a recipe you want me to try out? Leave me a comment with your suggestion and I’ll pick one to prepare for the future! 🙂 

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