Sister Sister

Any momma’s out there love taking pictures of their kids ? If you answered yes, I’m sure you have tried to do you’re own set up with them at home or your favorite place at the park at least one time since they were born. I’ll bet your adventure went a little like this…

…You start by going all out on getting them the perfect outfits. You scavenge the house for the perfect props to accent your perfect little set up with grand ideas for those cute little Pinterest-perfect poses. When it’s time to finally get the kids ready, they seem super pumped to be getting their 15 minutes in the “spotlight” (let’s face it- kids are not camera shy. Those vain little munchkins). You pose them perfectly, pullout your camera and just bring it to your face when… Boom! All heck breaks loose. One looks away, the other wonders off. Next, their pulling each other’s hair or rubbing dirt on their clothes. You yell and threaten them with stripping them of their T.V. rights or taking their favorite toy from them. That doesn’t work so you start with the bribing of candy and all things sweet. “Just. One. Picture. Pa-leeaassee!” Still no cooperation. Instead, you get looks from them like you’re stuck on stupid. After an hour of pulling you’re hair out, you finally decide to just go with it. It is what it is.

That’s pretty much how it is anytime I want to do a little practice session with my girls. It’s rare I ever get photos of them and even more rare that I get some of them together. This past October I was really hoping I could get just a few of them to hang on my wall. That evening I grabbed all the pumpkins I had around the house, a wooden basket, and an old kitchen chair. I pretty much just shot whatever they wanted to dish out at me, hoping I got at least one good shot of them. Alas, I successfully managed to pull it off but I felt defeated by the time we went in the house.

After this session I have learned these few things:

  • My Little Red (the youngest) is a diva.
  • My Big Girl’s go-to camera face is the “mean mugger”.
  • These two do NOT like posing together.
  • There is a reason I don’t normally photograph my own kids.

Ah the life of a mother with girls. They have a never ending supply of attitude, whether it be to my advantage or not. I guess we gotta love’em anyway, right? Totally kidding! I love my kids without question, even when they are at their most rotten.  😉 

Here, it’s mid-December and I am finally getting around to editing them (Hooray For Christmas Break!). I started off editing them in a way that it just screams “Autumn!” but being as though it’s nearly winter I wanted some of the images to have a wintery feel. So with lots of Youtube tutorials, here is what I came up with. Please enjoy some of my favorites from their little mini session.

I hope you loved these as much as I did! Let me know what you think in the comments! 

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The Leep Grandkid’s fall family Photos

Let me just say, I absolutely love getting the opportunity to photograph this family. They are an absolute joy to be around and we usually share a lot of laughs throughout the whole session (like when we put all four kids on the hay bales and it tips over with them all on top or when we all had to chase the pumpkins from rolling down the hills in the woods where we were shooting).

I’ve only got the chance to shoot them (with my camera, silly) on separate occasions with their own little families. Since I’ve started this semester, I haven’t taken on any new sessions or clients. I honestly haven’t even had the time.So I was really happy when Katie contacted me about putting together a little session of just the grand-kids and her oldest brother and his daughter (whom I didn’t have the opportunity to photograph, yet) for her mother and grandma! It felt great to be behind the camera again and it was fun getting to see the difference in these four little one’s personalities. 

Here are some of my favorites from their session! Please enjoy!

If you’d like to see more from this session click HERE.  

A special thanks to Angie Leep and her family for reaching out to me and being such awesome clients! ❤