Up to Speed

My golly goodness- it has been way too long since I last posted. I feel like I’ve left you all in the dark these last few months. True be told, I kinda did. So… for those of you who aren’t in my family or are following me on facebook, I dropped some major news about three months ago… Are you ready?


Yep. Preggers. My little family is growing by two more little feet and would you believe it’s another little lady? Three girls, well four counting myself, living under one roof. My poor husband! Outnumbered. Even our little Yorkie, Cinder, is a girl. Deep inside I can’t help but laugh at his situation. Does that make me a bad wife? Nah. Those girls are quick to have him wrapped around their fingers anyway so I don’t think he minds too much. 😉

You’re probably wondering why being pregnant has kept me from writing. Well, let’s just say these past couple months have been no walk in the park. Who ever came up with the term “Morning Sickness” has lied. It should be more like “All day sickness” or “never-going-to-enjoy-food-again sickness”. Let’s not even get started on the insomnia, Braxton hicks, and non-stop bathroom breaks along with MANY other conditions that take place in the baby baking.

Pregnancy- the only happy reason for feeling like crap.

With all that being said, imagine trying to write a blog about food when you can hardly stomach the smell of or look at anything consumable. Not fun. I’ve only just managed to start finding relief. Now that I’m almost halfway through my second trimester, I can somewhat start cooking again. Yay me!

Tums and grilled food have been my life saver when it came to finding foods that I could eat without later having to hug my toilet like we’re the best of friends (sorry, bad memories). And good thing too because I LOVE anything pulled off a charcoal grill. The smokey aroma that surrounds me every time I lift the lid just screams summer time and it’s the perfect way to end an evening with my family. These last few weeks I’ve been getting pretty creative and putting my culinary skills and advice from the grill master himself, my Grandpa Gene, to use. Ribs. Chicken. Grilled corn on the cob. Brussel sprouts. You name it, I made it. My little 17 inch charcoal grill has served me well.

Caribbean Jerk seasoned whole grilled chicken-  Bomb dot com right there!

Oh, and did I forget to mention that I finally graduated from ACTC’s Culinary Program in May? No? Well, that’s right, I am now a college graduate! Cue the clumsy, sad excuse for a victory dance!

Yes, the short girl in the middle is in fact, me. 🙂

Not only did I graduate but my sassy little preschooler did too and now I have to prepare myself for her 5th birthday and get her ready for kindergarten. Excuse me while I go cry. Is it too early to blame it on the hormones?


I hope I brought you up to speed on my crazy life and hope you continue to follow me on my journey of being a mother of three. Yes, there will probably be lots of posts about my journey.

Please continue to keep an eye out for new culinary creations (when I get the chance). I may not have to opportunity to post weekly, but I will do my best to post more consistently and more often.

Now, enough about me… How have you all been? Anyone else have some new and exciting news to share? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments.

Muah! ❤


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