Dee’s in the Kitchen

Hello beautiful bloggers, foodies, and readers alike!

I hope everyone had a beautiful Friday. I had a date with my favorite hair stylist today, so I sure did! I was ready for something a little less “Worn-Out-Mom” and I certainly got my much needed hair-over (is that even a thing?).

The past couple days, I have been a little under the weather with congestion so I am a little late on this week’s Featured Friday.  Never fear! I am finally ready to introduce you to another blogger who I have recently became facebook friends with (again through The Ready Steady Cook Club -or RSCC- on facebook). I just love meeting new people who share the same love for food, photography and blogging as I do.

Ready to find out who this week’s Featured Friday is?

Meet Deanne!


You can find Deanne on her blog, Dee’s in the Kitchen. Once a hard worker in the corporate world, Deanne (or Dee) knew her true place was in the kitchen utilizing her creative side, which lead her into the creation of her blog in 2015. Much of her inspiration and encouragement has been derived from her brother-in-law, who happens to be chef. 

Dee is a lover of food who finds joy in entertaining for family and friends. She never misses a chance to host a party. So if you’re looking for awesome ideas or ways to host parties of your own, this gal has what it takes to throw down!

On her blog, you can expect to find her tweaked up versions of classic family favorite recipes and a handful of her own creations, along with her own Restaurant Copy-Cats! Each recipe is accompanied with mouth-watering photos of each dish.

One recipe from her blog that I’m confident you will enjoy (being the Pollock that I am) is her made-from-scratch recipe for Peirogies, 3-Ways.

These are my all-time favorite Polish delight! Despite the time put into them, they are quite delish when made right and Dee’s recipe is very close to my own (Bonus!). If you go for the potato and cheese filling, it’s like mashed potatoes in a dumpling. And who doesn’t like mashed potatoes? 

 I really love how, in this recipe, she breaks it down in steps that are easy to follow along. With each savory filling, these babies are well worth the time put into each little dumpling. A little word of advice from The Hungary Pollock, if left with the difficult decision of choosing homemade vs. store bought- HOMEMADE ALL THE WAY! 😉 

If you’re looking for scrumptiously satisfying meals, be sure to keep up with all of Dee’s in the Kitchen updates and join the “Cooking fun”! You will not be sorry you did! 

Thanks for taking time to read about this week’s Featured Friday. Remember to check out last week’s feature, The Simple Cook, and show Colin some love. Keep checking back every Friday to see who my next feature of the week is!

Are you a blogger who wants to be my next feature or do you have someone you want to nominate? Let me know in the comments and you could be the next.


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