Healthylicious Foodie

It’s that time again…. Featured Friday!! This week I would like to feature another food blogger whose blog I stumbled on when I joined a food lover’s Facebook group, The Ready Steady Cook Club. If you are a food blogger, have a career in the food industry or just have a love of food in general- join this group! Lots of delicious meals swirling around there with a very friendly cyber atmosphere. Best part? It’s open to anyone!

Ok, so, back to the Featured Friday. Last week, I told you all about the blog Simply Anna Lisa (if you haven’t yet, read all about her and show her some love). This week, I would like to introduce another lover of all things food, Clare, from Healthylicious Foodie


Clare is a self-taught cook who puts her time into developing easy, delicious recipes with her own healthy spin! Whether you are trying to get fit or just lead a healthier lifestyle by eating cleaner, you should check out her blog. With all of her amazing recipes and mouth watering photos you will not be sorry you did nor will your diet 😉 

With so many flavorsome recipes, it was hard to pick a favorite. However, I am a lover of fruit so a few recipes that really caught my eye were her Strawberry Chia Jam (uh yum!) and Apple Pie Quesadillas (say what?…I. Must.Make.). 

From breakfast all the way to desserts, you can expect to find way more than just the fruity meals on her blog. Let’s show Healthylicious Foodie some love and be on the lookout for new recipes, often! Oh, and don’t forget to check out her e-book, The Great Garbanzo. 😉 

Thanks for taking time to read about this week’s Featured Friday. Keep checking back every Friday to see who my next feature of the week is!

Are you a blogger who wants to be my next feature or do you have someone you want to nominate? Let me know in the comments and you could be the next.

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