Chris, a Dog, and a Food Blog

Hello lovelies!

I want to do a something a little different than my normal posts. For the past week I have been working overtime promoting my blog all I can. From starting a Twitter account to posting on my blog’s Facebook page.

Along the way I have followed and connected with some other awesome bloggers- new and seasoned to blogging- who share a similar love for food, photography and life as I do. A few of these bloggers, I am lucky enough to call my “Blogger Buddies”.

So what is it that I want to do different? Well, I am glad you asked. Each week I want to feature some of my favorite blogs that I’ve visited. This is great way to help them build up traffic to their blog and, really, I just want to say a little something nice about their blogs that I liked about them.

One of my Blogger Buddies has already started this trend, making me the first feature of his blog, using my recipe for Tuscan Styled Pork chops. So this is kinda like a Pay-it-Forward post. I encourage all bloggers to do the same!

So, with that being said, now’s the time to introduce to you the person behind the original idea for Feature Friday- blogger, Chris Hunnicutt. 


You can find Chris on his blog at Chris, a Dog and a Food Blog or on his WordPress blog by clicking Here

Chris likes to whip up scrumptious recipes, share photos of his culinary creations and even likes to do Restaurant reviews. On his blog, you can expect to find trials of his life, his family and his little dog named, Molly. Looking for healthy alternatives to the food you love? Find them on his blog. He has a handful of healthy recipes that you won’t have to feel guilty for scarfing down. 

Let’s give Chris, a dog, and a Food Blog some love! Stop on over at either of his blogs and be sure to check out his recipe for Oven “Fried” Chicken with Cauliflower Mash and Sauteed Mushrooms
Oven “Fried” Chicken with Cauliflower Mash and Sauteed Mushrooms


Thanks for taking time to read about my first Feature Friday. Keep checking back every Friday to see who my next feature of the week is!

Are you a blogger who wants to be my next feature or do you have someone you want to nominate? Let me know in the comments and you could be the next.

Wanna be Blogger-Buddies? Contact me and let’s chat! 🙂

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